SureSafe recognises that each person’s personal alarm and telecare needs are different. While some people need the traditional in-home alarm systems, that can either alert a monitoring centre or friends & family in an emergency, others require more bespoke solutions.

For example, some people want protection and peace of mind away from the home as well as in it; people with dementia or other degenerative conditions may require more specific products features than are generally available e.g. wandering alarms; while those who are victims of abuse can also benefit from the protection of personal alarm devices at home.

SureSafe is the UK’s leading independent personal alarm provider with a team of Independent Living Consultants who can help you to decide what is the best product to suit your individual needs, as well as your budget. Call us now on 0800 112 3201 for a confidential, free and independent assessment of what type of alarm is right for you. Alternatively, read through our range of tailored Solutions below to see which product will best suit your needs:

Personal alarms for the elderly in the UK help elderly Britons to stay living in their own homes, both safer and for longer. Personal alarms for the elderly are telephone based alarm systems that allow the wearer to immediately call…
SureSafe’s fall alarm pendant is the next generation in personal alarms for the elderly. Falls alarm for the elderly activate automatically when a fall is detected, there is no need to press the button. This can be vital when the…
If you are elderly and you live alone, having an emergency alarm is an excellent way to protect yourself with greater ease. Likewise, if you live with a family member but spend a lot of time on your own because of their other commitments, these alarms can help.
Using one of the varieties of personal and safety alarms designed for elderly people can prove a big help, and there are many different options available.
The risk of falls, accidents, and health issues is higher as you get older, so having some form of protection is important if you do live alone or spend long periods of time alone at home.
While independent living is great in terms of their quality of life, it is also important to think of the possible risks and make sure there is protection in place.
For those suffering with epilepsy, either living alone or spending large portions of time at home by themselves, epilepsy seizures can be a real concern.
What if they fall and injure themselves? What if they’re too ill to call anybody for help? What would happen? An emergency button for elderly people, can help to alleviate those worries.
One of the most important factors in the recovery of elderly people after a fall is immediate attention and medical assistance. Those who receive immediate assistance following a fall have an 80% chance of making a full recovery.
With many elderly people experiencing emergency situations, such as falls, injury or illness, putting contingencies in place is key.
An SOS pendant is an excellent way to ensure that your elderly loved ones are kept safe and are cared for appropriately in the event that something bad such as a fall, seizure or heart attack occurs.
The SureSafe personal fall alarm systems are a revolutionary way to ensure quick and automatic response to an emergency situation. They are the ideal method of raising the alert should a fall occur.
Give the people you care about a better quality of life and increased security with a personal alarm pendant. The personal alarm pendant allows users to call for assistance immediately in the event of an emergency.
OAP alarms are designed to give elderly people added protection against the dangers of being left without medical attention after a fall, injury or medical event.
When you live alone (or spend periods of time at home alone), and you have epilepsy, then there is always the fear that a seizure can strike and there is no one there to help.
With an alarm that has an integrated fall detector, elderly people can benefit from enhanced protection and peace of mind. These alarms are designed to automatically detect when the person has had a fall.
As we get older, our health can start to deteriorate, and many find themselves at increased risk of falls and accidents. IMore health problems tend to appear with age, and this can leave you very vulnerable, particularly if you live alone.
Pendant alarms for the elderly are very simple and convenient to use, which is what makes them ideal for use by elderly people who want to maintain their independence.
In order to continue living unassisted, personal alarms for the elderly have become somewhat of a lifeline. By buying a personal alarm, friends and family members, as well as the user themselves, can rest easy knowing they are being looked after.
Designed to give the user increased peace of mind on a daily basis, alarms for the elderly and disabled enable the wearer to carry on living independently.
Recent research has shown that older people are at very high risk of falling or suffering an accident, both inside and outside of the home. In fact, 50% of people aged 65 and over will experience at least one fall per year.
At one time it was common for many elderly people to live with a family member or failing that,  in a residential care home. In present times, an increasing number of older people are keen to carry on living independently, in the comfort of their own home.
A personal panic alarm is the best solution to ensure peace of mind and greater independence for both the user and their friends and family.
A panic alarm system for the elderly is designed to give the user and their loved ones the ultimate peace of mind. Easy to use, it gives users the functionality to summon help at the push of a button.
Alarms for elderly people are designed to take the worry out of independent living. Using a simple button-activation system, an elderly alarm is an easy-to-use method of summoning assistance should the user experience an accident, illness or fall.
With the ability to summon help instantly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, a personal alarm is the answer for those wishing to avoid going into residential care.
Do you have concerns about what would happen if an accident should occur and nobody is around to help? The answer could be a panic button.
Alarm bracelets for the elderly can give peace of mind to both the alarm user, and their loved ones, as well as significantly increased safety as help is just the touch of a button away.
Our GPS trackers for the elderly make every day activities safer and more enjoyable, such as going for walks, going to the shops or spending some time in the garden.
A lifeline alarm is a pendant or bracelet that is worn in the home and garden, which allows the wearer to get immediate assistance at the push of a button should they need it.
The ability to call for help when you cannot get to the phone can be the life saving. Careline alarms give additional peace of mind for the family and friends, and increased safety for the alarm wearer.
Telecare equipment is traditionally an alarm button that is worn either as a pendant, or on the wrist, that the wearer pushes should they have a fall, or feel unwell.
Nothing is more important that our loved one’s safety. Providing a neck alarm for elderly loved ones can help those living alone to feel safer and more secure by providing contact to the outside world in the event of an emergency.
The number of people over the age of 65 is predicted to rise by 40% in the next 15 years. Therefore, now more than ever before, we need to ensure they can get help quickly when they need it most.
The most common cause of admission to hospital for people over sixty-five is falling over, and the unfortunate reality is that when somebody has a fall, they are not always able to push an emergency button to call for help.
When faced with an emergency like a fall, losing consciousness or having a stroke, a mobile phone isn’t always within reach to call for help. A personal alarm button for elderly loved ones can provide a life-changing solution.

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