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Alarm Buttons for Elderly People

This in turn can help them to maintain independence longer for a better quality of life. When faced with an emergency such as a fall, a loss of consciousness or illness, it may not always be possible to reach the phone to call for assistance. Alarm buttons for the elderly help to address this problem, providing an easy way to alert our 24/7 monitoring centre or a designated contact (usually a friend or family member) in an instant.

How do Alarm Buttons for Elderly People Help?

If your elderly loved one lives alone, it is important to ensure they are able to gain assistance quickly. Thanks to both medical and technological advances the UK’s population is ageing. As the population ages, the problem of ensuring your elderly loved one’s safety is becoming more and more prevalent. Many elderly people are remaining active and independent long into old age, with more than 2 million people over the age of 75 living alone. 

Living alone can place elderly, disabled and vulnerable people at risk, especially if prone to falls. Studies have shown that elderly people are much more likely to fall than younger counterparts. Over a third of people over the age of 65 will suffer a serious fall per year, with this figure rising to 50% for those over the age of 80 (Campaign To End Loneliness). It is therefore vital that our elderly population have the ability to call for help instantly in the event of an emergency. 

When faced with a fall, loss of consciousness or a stroke, using a mobile phone isn’t always a viable option. Personal alarm buttons for elderly people help to provide a solution in which assistance can be gained at the push of a button. We also offer a range of alarms with automatic fall detection included. This style of alarm will raise the alert in the event of a fall without the need to push a button. This ensures that your loved ones will be looked after even if they are unable to press the emergency button themselves.

How does an Alarm Button for the Elderly Work?

Most emergency alarms for the elderly utilise telephone-based technology, consisting of a base unit and a remote alarm button. The alarm button is worn around either the neck or wrist. In the event of an emergency, the user can press the emergency button in order to request assistance. On pressing the alarm button, a wireless signal is transmitted to the base unit which will then automatically alert our 24/7 monitoring centre or a predetermined, designated contact. 

Most alarms connect to the landline within your home however, there are also a range of alarms that utilise mobile technology in order to send an alert. Mobile personal alarms can be used both inside and outside of the home; this makes them the ideal choice for those who remain active and spend prolonged periods of time away from home. 

Whether you decide on a landline-based alarm button or a mobile one, you can be sure that your elderly loved ones are being looked after. Here at SureSafe, we are able to offer wearers instant assistance when it matters most.

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The Benefits of Alarm Buttons for Elderly People Living Alone

Alarm buttons for elderly people living alone can be a much-needed lifeline. They allow your elderly loved ones to gain immediate assistance in the event of an emergency. Many elderly people are isolated for large periods of time, often not speaking to friends or family for days on end. In the event of an emergency, it could be hours, even days before anybody notices something is wrong. Alarm buttons can help to alleviate this risk.

In addition to this, by allowing them to maintain their independence for longer, an emergency alarm button can drastically improve quality of life for your elderly loved ones. Confident in the knowledge that assistance is a push of a button away, users tend to stay more active, sociable, and are at a lesser risk of falling. This is because by encouraging activity, muscle strength and mobility are not lost as quickly, thus helping to improve balance and coordination.

SureSafe offers a range of personal alarm systems to help individuals live worry-free in the safety of their own home, whilst providing comfort and peace of mind for friends and loved ones. Browse the full range of alarm buttons for the elderly.