Alarm For The Elderly When They Fall

A personal alarm for the elderly when they fall will can provide instant assistance when it matters most. The most common cause of admission to hospital for people over sixty-five is falling over, and the unfortunate reality is that when somebody has a fall, they are not always able to push an emergency button to call for help. To combat this, SureSafe offer a range of personal alarms with automatic fall detection included.

Is an alarm for the elderly when they fall necessary?

If your elderly loved one lives alone, it is important to ensure they are able to gain assistance quickly should they need it. Recent statistics highlight a dire need for alarms for the elderly when they fall. Age UK estimated that more than 1 in 3 people over the age of 65, and 1 in 2 over the age of 80 would suffer a serious fall this year. Unfortunately, these harrowing statistics will be drastically higher as many of the older generation isolate for prolonged periods of time. Never has it been more vital to ensure they have a way to raise the alarm if they fall.

It has been shown that the quicker a person receives assistance after a fall, the more likely they are to make a full recovery.


Alarms for the elderly when they fall: how do they work?

Fall alarms activate automatically when a fall is detected. Using the latest technology, fall alerts mean that the wearer no longer needs to press the pendant button to get the help they need. This can be vital when the wearer either loses consciousness, or they are too weak to manually press a button to call for help.

Our fall alarms for the elderly use movement sensor technology to determine falling motion. In the event of a fall, a wireless signal is transmitted to the base unit; alerting the SureSafe 24/7 monitoring centre or a designated contact. This automated alert system can be the difference between help arriving fast, or not arriving at all.

The benefits of fall alarms for the elderly

Studies in the UK have shown that the longer a person stays on the ground following a fall, the longer the recovery time will be. This highlights the main benefits of personal alarms for the elderly. They allow immediate help to be gained after a fall. According to studies, this increases the chance of a full recovery to 80% and makes a fall alarm a potentially life-saving piece of equipment.

In addition to this, alarms for the elderly when they fall can drastically improve quality of life. Studies show that they can have positive health benefits due to an improvement in confidence. The peace of mind knowing that assistance isn’t far away results in users staying more active and maintaining independence long into old age. This allows their bodies to remain more mobile, reducing the likelihood they will lose balance or strength.

SureSafe offers a range of automatic fall detection products offering 24/7 Connect monitored alarm services and friends & family alarms. See our full range of fall detection devices here.