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Alarms For The Elderly And Disabled

Residential care can be expensive, unsuitable or unpleasant for the person, depending on their circumstances however, maintaining independence can be a challenge if there is nobody around to help in the event of an emergency. It is therefore, sometimes seen as the only feasible option to ensure the safety of your loved ones. We believe in improving quality of life and allowing users to remain independent in their own homes for as long as possible; that is where alarms for the elderly and disabled can help.

Designed to give the user increased peace of mind on a daily basis, alarms for the elderly and disabled enable the wearer to carry on living independently. They are able to live safe in the knowledge that assistance can be summoned rapidly in the event of a fall, accident, injury or any other problem causing the user to feel at risk. For both the user and their families, personal alarms for the disabled and the elderly provide a vital lifeline allowing users to stay secure and independent and most importantly safe.

Keeping Vulnerable People Out Of Hospital

The UK has an aging population, and with many of those older people wanting to stay in the home they love for as long as possible and with limited residential home places, the need for at-home support is higher than ever. For those who live alone, including both the elderly and the disabled, or for those who have no family members nearby, maintaining an independent lifestyle can be fraught with problems. After all, it is difficult to imagine what would happen if they were to suffer a fall or become too ill to make their own way to a hospital or to even call for help via traditional means. Alarms for the elderly and disabled are an ideal solution, alerting a designated friend or family member or our 24/7 response centre immediately, should an issue arise. This helps to ensure vulnerable people receive help as quickly as possible, thus reducing the risk of increasing the severity of the situation, be that an injury, illness or even an unwanted, potentially dangerous caller at the home.

In terms of the risk to our elderly loved ones, half of all people aged 65 and over will suffer at least one fall every year. In people aged 80 or over, this figure dramatically increases to a massive 75%. In almost 50% of cases, the person who has fallen requires help to get back up again, and in around a quarter of these cases, the injured party requires hospitalisation. With personal alarms for the elderly in place, assistance can be quickly obtained, helping to reduce the amount of medical intervention required.

Alarms For The Elderly And Disabled – What Types Are Available?

SafeSure has a wide range of alarms for the elderly and disabled, to suit a variety of needs. These include:

  • Friends and family alarmsThis type of alarm contacts a designated friend or family member, should an emergency occur. The user simply presses the button and the alarm will alert the chosen emergency contact via a telephone landline. These alarms come in a variety of options including wrist and neck pendant alarms.
  • Mobile technology alarmsThese alarms use mobile technology to alert a designated contact or monitoring center, no matter where the wearer may be. This type of alarm is ideal for anyone who lives an active lifestyle, spending a lot of time outside of the home, or for anybody who does not have a home landline to act as the base unit for the alarm.
  • A talking pendant alarmThis style of alarm, usually worn around the neck, enables 2-way communication between the responder and the wearer. This differs from many other brands of alarm which only allows the wearer to respond via the base unit itself. For landline based alarms this applies so long as they are in range of the base unit. For mobile technology based alarms, the wearer can talk via the pendant no matter where they are.  
  • A fall detection alarmThese alarms for the elderly and disabled offer additional security, ensuring that even if the wearer loses consciousness or mobility in the event of a fall, they will still receive rapid assistance without the need to press the button. The alarm is able to detect movement related to falling or prolonged periods of stillness and will alert the monitoring centre or a nominated contact.

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