Emergency Alarms for Elderly People

Implementing an emergency alarm for elderly loved ones can help them stay safe and independent in their own homes. The UK has an aging population and the elderly are continuing to live longer thanks to medical and technological breakthroughs. The number of people over the age of 65 is predicted to rise by 40% in the next 15 years. Therefore, now more than ever before, we need to ensure they can get help quickly when they need it most.

Is an emergency alarm for elderly living alone necessary?

If elderly loved ones are living alone it is important to ensure they are able to gain assistance quickly. Living alone can place elderly, disabled and vulnerable people at risk, especially if they are prone to falls. 51% of people over the age of 75 live alone, and nearly 1 in 2 over the age of 80 will suffer a serious fall this year (Campaign To End Loneliness). The numbers are harrowing and it has never been more vital to ensure they have a way to raise the alarm in the event of an emergency. SureSafe alarms offer a life-changing solution that will provide everyone with piece of mind.


How do emergency alarms work?

There are different types of emergency alarms for the elderly, however they all work in a relatively similar fashion. For the most part, emergency alarms utilise telephone-based technology and consist of a base unit and a remote alarm button. The remote alarm button is worn around either the neck or wrist at all times. In the event of an emergency, the user can press the emergency button in order to request assistance. On pressing the button, a wireless signal is transmitted to the base unit; which will then automatically alert the SureSafe 24/7 monitoring centre or a predetermined, designated contact. This would usually be a family member or close friend.

At SureSafe we offer a comprehensive range of personal alarms for the elderly, with a variety of features to suit almost any needs or circumstance. By choosing any of our personal alarms, we are able to offer wearers instant assistance when it matters most.

The benefits of an emergency alarm for elderly loved ones

An emergency alarm for elderly loved ones allow immediate help to be gained in an emergency. This is one of the main benefits of personal alarms for the elderly. 17% of older people are in contact with family, friends and neighbours less than once a week, even less-so during the current prolonged isolation. In the event of an emergency, it could be hours, or even days before somebody is able to help. Emergency alarms can alleviate this risk.

In addition to this, by allowing them to maintain their independence long into old age, an emergency alarm for elderly loved ones can drastically improve quality of life. Confident in the knowledge that should they fall, become ill or feel in danger, they can request assistance at the push of a button, users stay more active.

SureSafe offers a range of emergency alarm systems that can help individuals stay safe and independent in their own homes. See our full range of alarm systems here.