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Pendant Alarms For The Elderly

Of course, this can be a big worry for family members due to the risk of accidents such as falling. Fortunately, pendant alarms for the elderly can provide valuable protection, ensuring that there is always help on hand both day and night.

How Do Pendant Alarms for the Elderly Work?

Pendant alarms for the elderly are very simple and convenient to use, which is what makes them ideal for use by elderly people who want to maintain their independence. As an older person, you can continue to live independently at home, but if anything happens all you need to do is press the alarm and this will then go straight through to a 24-hour monitoring centre.

The details of the alarm user will already have been registered with the monitoring company along with any other relevant information such as medical history and access information. This means that as soon as the alarm is pressed, someone can respond no matter what time of the day or night.

For senior people living alone and those who simply want additional support, this can prove invaluable. Someone from the monitoring centre will try to speak to you directly via the unit speaker. They can then take appropriate action such as contacting a nominated person or even getting the emergency services out.

The Key Benefits of Pendant Alarms for the Elderly

There are many benefits that both you and your loved ones can enjoy by using pendant alarms for the elderly. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Easy to wear and use
  • Total peace of mind
  • Ensured help is available when needed
  • Ideal for maintaining independence
  • Ability to contact a family member or emergency services
  • An affordable option
  • Around the clock monitoring

If you have difficulties hearing or speaking, and therefore, cannot respond to the responder via the unit, there is no need to worry. The responder will be able to contact the nominated family member, friend, or neighbour to advise that the alarm has been activated. If they cannot get hold of a nominated person, they will get in touch with the emergency services.

If you do decide to use a pendant alarm for the elderly, it is highly advisable to have a key safe fitted at the property. This means that anyone coming out to the property to check on you will be able to gain access, which is vital if you have had a fall and you are unable to get to the front door.

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SureSafe Fall Alert Pendant

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Speak to the Alarm Experts

If you are interested in getting a pendant alarm for yourself or if you have an elderly relative who could benefit from one, get in touch with the experts at SureSafe Alarms. As a leading provider of pendant alarms for the elderly, we can provide you with further information and high-quality pendant alarms that will enable you to benefit from peace of mind.