SOS Pendant

SOS Pendant

An SOS pendant is an excellent way to ensure that the elderly are kept safe and are cared for appropriately in the event of something bad happening, such as a fall or heart attack. The SOS pendant is SureSafe’s way of keeping the people you love safe while allowing them the freedom of privacy and independence.

If you’re not sure is the best SOS alarm to use, or you don’t quite know what an SOS pendant is, we’re here to help. The pendant is a sure fire way to help reduce recovery times, improve recovery chances and make sure that everyone is kept as happy, healthy and reassured as possible

What is an SOS Pendant?

An SOS pendant is a wearable personal alarm that allows the user to send an SOS signal. A talking SOS pendant allows two-way commination with a 24/7 manned centre who can respond to the user and take any appropriate action, converse with them and assess the situation. Other SOS alarms don’t always allow for this communication unless you’re near the base unit and sometimes come with a button you can press to alert someone to your plight, or they automatically detect falls and send a signal without user input.

Benefits of an SOS Pendant

There a few different types of SOS pendant, as outlined above, which includes fall alarms, talking pendants and fall pendants. All of these different types of SOS pendants have several great benefits for you and the elderly person using them.

From increased chances of recovery and fewer repeat hospital visits from injuries to the peace of mind that your loved one will get the medical attention they need following a fall, epileptic fit, heart attack, stroke or any other event.

The SOS pendant utilises simple technology that allows us to help the elderly from wherever they are, whenever they need it.

Talking SOS Pendant Features

The Talking SOS pendant is a wearable pendant that goes around the neck of the wearer. This pendant is connected to a base unit that allows the wearer to talk to our response centre staff from anywhere in their house or garden by using the pendant.

If the wearer has fallen or is experiencing pain, shortness of breath or other worrying symptoms, they can get in touch in with us and we can ensure that appropriate medical attention is given in a timely manner.


Why Choose an SOS Pendant?

At SureSafe, we take the safety of your elderly loved ones very seriously, so our 24/7 response centres allow full coverage no matter time of the day, week or year it is. Our excellent range of personal alarm systems, including the SOS pendant, are all designed to keep people safe, calm and provide a nurturing environment for them to thrive in.

The SOS pendant is a fantastic thing that allows you to go about your day with the confidence that if anything does go wrong, it will be dealt with as quickly as possible in order to prevent long-term and long-lasting effects from your elderly relatives being left on the floor for too long, without medical attention, before they’re discovered.