SureSafe Joins the Fight Against Elder Abuse

SureSafe takes its role in the community seriously and is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen. As part of this commitment SureSafe actively strives to give back to the community and more specifically, to British seniors.

At SureSafe we believe that all older people have the right to live free from fear and abuse.

Facts on Elder Abuse:

  • Over 500 000 elderly individuals are abused in the UK
  • Majority of the victims are over the age of 70, some of the most vulnerable people in our society
  • Elder abuse can happen at home as well as in care

Action on Elder Abuse (AEA) is a registered charity that campaigns to protect elderly Britain’s from mistreatment and operates a confidential help and advice line for those at risk. AEA raises funds in various ways to help continue the fight against elder abuse in the UK.

In addition to operating a confidential, freephone helpline and runs support programs for victims of abuse, AEA also raises awareness of elder abuse, influences legislation to provide better care and runs buddying programs for elder abuse survivors.

Confidential help and advice: 080 8808 8141

Elderly alarms can help Britain’s maintain their independence for longer. Confidence and independence at home is a very important factor in maintaining wellbeing – if people feel self-assured then they stay more active, if they stay more active then this can help them stay healthier.

SureSafe personal alarms have partnered with Action on Elder Abuse in their drive to help vulnerable elderly individuals feel safer in their own homes. A percentage of all sales will be donated to support the ongoing fight against elder abuse.

Help continue the fight against elder abuse by choosing a SureSafe Personal Alarm.

SureSafe Personal Alarms, part of the Bora Health Group of Companies, provide a cost effective in-home help alarm with no on-going fees. Allowing the elderly to remain independent in their own homes, safer and for longer.

Bora Health is a global leader in independent living solutions with operations in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. With thousands of satisfied customers across the world they are committed to the vision of making independent living possible for everyone, not just those that can afford it.

Thank you for showing your support for our elderly by choosing an Action on Elder Abuse SureSafe Personal Alarm.

For more information on the invaluable work done by AEA, please visit: