Nothing can ever be of more importance to us than our family member’s and loved one’s safety.
We go to extreme lengths to make sure that in our absence they are safe and secure, but still, the thought of not being with them when they need medical attention scares us. You could hire in-home care, but that won't guarantee 100% safety, and is not affordable for most people. If you want to ensure that your family members and loved ones are safe, when they are at home alone, you can get them SureSafe lifeline alarm.  A lifeline alarm can be either worn as a pendant around the neck, or as a bracelet on the wrist, and it will ensure that the wearer gets immediate help with a push of a button, in case of an accident or an emergency.

SureSafe is one of the UK’s leading providers of telecare services and personal alarms for the elderly. If you compare SureSafe with other UK telecare providers you will find that SureSafe offers high-quality equipment with the option for fully mobile 24/7 monitored alarm protection at a low cost per month, significantly lower than in-home carers or moving into assisted living. Unlike other telecare service providers, SureSafe also has options that require a ZERO upfront payment, and with the first month free. SureSafe can also offer no sign-up fees hidden in the fine print.

When faced with an emergency like a fall, losing consciousness or having a stroke, reaching into your pocket and reaching for your mobile to dial-up and call family members or the medical service is not possible. But with lifeline phones, help is just a button press away. They are linked to the SureSafe 24/7 emergency response center where a qualified and experienced response operator will immediately respond to your emergency by either sending an ambulance, or calling your family members, depending on the circumstances.

Following are our lifeline alarm range devices:

SureSafe 24/7 Connect Monitored Alarm Service:

A  monitored personal alarm service that provides help 24/7, all year and enhances the quality of life of the wearer. This device is increasingly popular among the elderly since its easy to set up and use, and allows immediate contact with the emergency service if required. Buy this device now with a lifetime warranty, and without any minimum contract.

Fall Alert Pendant with 24/7 Monitoring:

Sometimes when you have a fall, you lose consciousness and are not able to press the button on your pendant. Wearing a Fall Alert pendant, making use of Smart Technology, allows your alarm to automatically send a signal to the base unit when a fall is detected, to raise the alarm. It detects a fall by measuring changes in air pressure and the pendant’s speed of movement. It is waterproof and is customized to the wearer’s height and weight to ensure accuracy of fall detection and prevent false alarms. In the event of false fall alarm, the pendant alerts the wearer who can cancel the signal by pressing the cancel button on it.

FallSafe with 24/7 Connect Monitoring:

Incorporated with the latest fall detection technology, this device helps people who fall raise the alarm without having to push the button physically. This can include where the wearer has had a stroke or a seizure that result in a loss of consciousness, this in turn means that they cannot press the button. The alarm is made of hypoallergenic plastic and is water and shock resistant.

SureSafeGO 24/7 Connect ‘Anywhere’ Alarm:

It is a fully mobile, 24/7 monitored personal alarm for the elderly with GPS tracking. This alarm makes sure that your loved ones can be tracked in case of an emergency and they can receive help anywhere and everywhere. It is easy to use and is one of the best telecare devices for the elderly. It is linked to SureSafe’s response centre. The response centre operates and answers emergency calls 24/7. It is water resistant, facilitates two-way communication and has  inbuilt automatic fall detection.

If you want you and your loved ones to feel safe and secure inside as well as outside the home, make sure you get the SureSafeGO telecare devices and personal alarms. Depending on the need of your family members, you can choose from a wide range of SureSafe alarms suitable for all medical needs and requirements.