What Are Safety Alarms for Seniors? Personal Alarm Devices That Can Help Keep Seniors Safe!

Our safety alarms for seniors are an invaluable resource for elderly people seeking confidence in their safety and independence. People have many questions about the safety alarms we sell at SureSafe. They want to know if they are truly worth the investment? A better question is what price can you put on you or your loved ones well being?

How Does it Work?

The safety alarms we sell are designed to integrate seamlessly into your everyday life. In fact, our products are so simple to use that you will wonder why you never had them in the first place. They work in three primary steps. When you have an emergency, the first step is to press an emergency alarm button. Then, our SafeSure device dials your emergency numbers and calls your emergency contacts. Even if your loved one does not answer the phone right away, the system will continue to dial the numbers repeatedly, for a designated period of time, until it gets a response. Once connected to family and friends you can have two-way communication through the base unit.

There is, of course, another alternative to doing this. Instead of contacting your emergency family contacts, if you opt for the SureSafe 24/7 Connect monitored solutions we help you contact emergency responders so the proper help is relayed to you right away. Hence, these are the medical alert devices that can help keep seniors safe.

The system we provide comes with a safety pendant, that you can use to contact friends or family after suffering an accident of some sort. Our pendants are waterproof, as well. This means you do not have to remove our pendants when you are bathing or showering – in fact, we recommend it!

Clearly, our safety alarms for seniors minimize the possibility of life threatening accidents by sending help right away.

Is this service Right for You?

How do you know if the SafeSure service we provide is right for you? It is important to invest in the personal alarm devices that can help keep seniors safe. You may or may not meet the criteria for this type of service. So, ask yourself a few questions.

Do you suffer from a dizziness or a feeling of a loss of strength? Do you suffer from muscle weakness, and are you prone to falls? Furthermore, do you rely heavily on medications for a condition?

These are just a few factors to consider, however. Do you live with a relative or partner? How often, if ever, are you alone? You may spend a large part of your day doing things independently. As a result, you need a reliable solution, like ours, in place to ensure you are safe.

Using our service is the key to being safe and feeling a sense of independence. You will never be alone with SureSafe.

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