Why buy SureSafe range of no landline alarms?

Need to ensure the safety of your elderly and beloved family members, but do not have a traditional telephone landline?
Then you should get an alarm from the SureSafe range of no landline alarms installed in your home, and let your loved one live safely and independently. Every SureSafe alarm is designed keeping in mind the increasing need for safety and security of our family members when they are alone. Their range of no landline alarms work on mobile technology using a SIM card that is not tied any single mobile network service provider but instead detects and connect the best signal available to it, automatically.

An increasing number of people are preferring the SureSafe range of no landline alarms that make use of mobile phone technology and are ideal for keeping elderly loved ones safe. SureSafe is the leading provider of telecare devices, lifeline alarms, personal alarms in the United Kingdom.

Below, you will find the full range of SureSafe no landline alarms that provide complete safety for your family and loved ones:

iSOS Fire Alarm:

It is a two-in-one heat and smoke detector, which upon detecting smoke or higher temperature will immediately raise an emergency alert with your nominated contacts, along with a loud siren alert to warn people in the home.

SureSafe iSOS Elderly Alarm:

  • A no landline, mobile-based personal alarm with its SureSafe roaming safety SIM card that instead of providing service from a single telecom provider automatically picks up the best signal available to it be it Vodafone, O2, EE, etc.
  • It can be worn as a pendant or a wristwatch and is easy to setup and install. All the wearer has to do is press the button and it immediately alerts the nominated contacts by text message and calls.
  • It has a long battery backup built-in, in case of power cuts.

SureSafeGO 2 Anywhere Alarm:

This wireless alarm is packed with impressive features like an inbuilt GPS Tracker to determine the location of your loved ones if they need help. It is fully mobile and facilitates two way SOS communication through the pendant. It is small, light and water resistant, making it an ideal alarm for the elderly.

SureSafe Go 24/7 Connect Anywhere Alarm:

It is a fully mobile personal alarm, with inbuilt GPS tracking features and provides 24/7 monitoring of the wearer. It is a discrete device that can be worn as a pendant and is simple to set-up and use. It also has automatic fall detection technology, if the wearer has fallen, the pendant will sense the fall and raise the alarm even when the wearer is unable to press the button e.g. after losing consciousness following the fall.

Visit SureSafe and get the best medical alert system, personal alarms in the United Kingdom. Ensure your family and loved ones well being with the wide range of SureSafe personal alarms, medical alert alarms equipped with the latest technology like automatic fall detection, inbuilt GPS Tracking.