Why should you implement SureSafeGo workplace health and safety solutions ?

A healthy and safe workplace is not a privilege but rather a necessity. No one should have to work under fear: be it physical or mental.
An employee should be provided with a safe and healthy working environment. The employer must ensure that the workers are performing their duties safely. Today's working environment has numerous hazards at every step; hence it is essential that the health and safety regulations are followed correctly.

Workplace health and safety is important to :

  • Prevent illness and injuries
  • Reduce health and safety hazards

Aside from following the national workplace health and safety regulations, the possibility of accidents in the workplace can be reduced by implementing SureSafeGO range of alert alarms.

SureSafe is a manufacturer of medical alert systems for elderly, medically compromised individuals. It facilitates affordable medical alert services through their alert alarms to help people live a self-reliant life that they can enjoy to the fullest, knowing medical help is just a button press away.


What features do SureSafe alert alarms offer?

SureSafe’s range of personal alarm, as well as medical alert alarms, are high-quality products built with advanced technology. SureSafeGO Anywhere alarms for workplace health and safety have the following features to ensure you can work without worrying about any imminent hazard:


SureSafeGO alarms have an inbuilt GPS technology so that if an accident happens, you employee or family can track your location and get you medical help immediately.  


It is built with automatic fall detection technology that will sense when a person falls and instantly alert the nominated contacts or the customer service, which will immediately send medical help.


Unlike other telecare devices that draw attention and makes the person conscious, SureSafe offers a range of discrete alarms that can be worn either as a pendant or bracelet. They are also very easy to set-up and use.


You didn’t have to worry about any water exposure to  your device. We off water-resistant devices that will raise the alert even when they get wet.


SureSafeGo alarms have up to a seven-day standby battery backup facility and a low battery alert function.

Why should you prefer SureSafe over other leading medical alert manufacturers?

  • Unlike other leading telecare manufacturers, with SureSafe, you pay the price you see on the website. SureSafe does not charge any additional fee in the fine print.
  • When compared to other service providers, SureSafe offers low monthly costs and has the most competitive total costs over 12 months.   
  • They provide access to Access to one of the largest and most established monitoring centers in the United Kingdom with their proficient customer service.

Having a SureSafeGo alert alarm will not only ensure your safety, but your family and loved ones will have peace of mind, knowing that if you need any medical help, you will be immediately attended and they will be promptly informed.

Visit SureSafe to purchase from a wide range of personal alarms, epilepsy and seizure alarms, GPS tracker alarms to ensure your family and loved one’s safety.