Protection for People Working Alone in an Office

A lot of jobs these days involve lone working, where employees could face potentially risky situations because they are working alone. This could be dangers associated with accidents and hazardous materials or ones associated with going out and meeting people alone. There are also workers that spend time working alone in an office.

When it comes to the latter, it is important to remember that although the employees may not be as much as risk as those in other jobs, there is still a risk. The risk is further heightened if the employee is working alone at the office, but members of the public are still able to come in. With this in mind, it is a good idea to look at lone worker solutions.


Low / Medium Risk

Employees who routinely deal with members of the public on their own can include the following types of workers: office, retail, estate agents, financial services, social workers, health professionals and charity workers. This can sometimes be even more isolated as meetings happen in the member of public’s home. WorkSafe’s App based lone worker alarm allows you to monitor your employees location, as well as allows employees to set a timer feature to trigger an SOS alarm if no ‘I am OK’ confirmation takes place after a set period of time.

Medium / High Risk

Some employees who routinely deal with members of the public, often in their homes, may face a heightened risk due to the nature of their work such as estate agents working alone with strangers. WorkSafe also offers a wearable button to be able to discreetly call for help if they feel threatened or in danger. This is in addition to being able to track them, and for them to set time on risk alerts. Higher risk retail employees such as off licenses, betting shops could also benefit here.

Fall / Injury Risk

Job roles that include working at height, with hazardous materials or on mechanical equipment such as farming equipment may have an increased risk of accidents and injury. When employees carry out these tasks while working alone, even briefly, this risk becomes greater. WorkSafe offers lone worker alarms with automatic fall detection. The wearer can manually call for help using the SOS button on the device. Additionally, the alarm can sense most falls and will automatically call for help – even if the user is unconscious.

A Range of Tools for Employees Working Alone in an Office

There are many reasons why employees may be working alone in an office. They may be working overtime in order to meet deadlines or they may simply have working hours that involve them being the last person to leave the office. Whatever the reason, you need to ensure you provide protection to help ensure their safety.

You can get wearable lone worker devices that can prove very effective for those who are working alone in an office. This includes the WorkSafe wearable button, which provides a simple and convenient way for lone workers to raise the alarm if they are at risk or feel they are in danger. If workers are moving from room to room in an office, they may not have access to a phone if an incident occurs, but a device such as this can be worn with ease.

Another option for lone workers is a lone worker alarm, which is ideal in the event of falls and accidents. If an employee is working alone in an office and suffers a fall or other accident, they may be in a situation where they are unable to call for help and there is nobody else around to call for them. With a lone worker alarm, you can benefit from functions such as automatic fall detection, which means that alarm will be raised even if the worker is unable to raise the alarm themselves.

These lone worker devices can prove highly effective and will provide you and your employees with greater peace of mind.

Choose the Right Solutions for Your Lone Workers

With a variety of different solutions available for employees working alone in an office, it can become confusing or employers to decide which ones to invest in. At SureSafe Alarms, we offer high-quality solutions as part of our WorkSafe range, so finding the right solution for your business will be simple and convenient.

If you would like to find out more about the solutions for lone workers, all you need to do is get in touch with our team of experts for further advice. We can discuss your needs in further detail and offer expert advice on the most suitable lone worker option for you and your employees.