Wrist Alarm For Elderly/Alarm Wristband

Wrist Alarm for Elderly/Alarm Wristband

Immediate attention and action when an elderly person has fallen is a key factor in ensuring that the person makes as full of a recovery as possible. Those who have immediate assistance following a fall have an 80% chance of making a full recovery, and with 24% of falls in the over 65 community resulting in initial hospitalisations and then subsequent visits, it can make more of a difference than you’d think.

What is a Wrist Alarm for Elderly People?

A wrist alarm for elderly people is an emergency alarm that is worn around the wrist like a bracelet. In easy reach at all times, and with accurate fall detection technology, wrist alarms are an innovative and ground-breaking technology that can be functional, fashionable and result in happier and healthier people.

What Types of Alarm Wristband are Available?

Eliminating the need to physically press a button in order to activate the alarm, fall detection sensors are one of the most popular and most beneficial types of alarm wristband. The automatic sensors detect falls as they happen by measuring air speed and other factors, meaning that if the elderly person is unconscious, has had a stroke, heart attack or can’t press a button for any other reason, help is still sent and their chances of recovery are drastically improved.

Using an Alarm Wristband – What Are the Benefits?

Using an alarm wristband has many benefits to the person wearing it, as well as to the caregivers, friends and family of elderly people who might need it. In cases of epilepsy, an automatic fall detection system means that any injury sustained during seizure can be dealt with immediately. The same is true for falls, heart attacks, strokes or any other incident that would cause a fall.

As well as the safety benefits that greatly increase the chances of a full recover while reducing the risk of sustained injuries and longer recovery times, the alarm wristband is a safe way to allow elderly people more freedom and confidence.

Alarm wristbands can have GPS built in so that the wearer can be easily located and help can be given and mobile-based technology means that no landline is required so that the wearer can socialise away from the home if they want to without losing the protection of their personal alarm.


Key Reasons for Wearing an Alarm Wristband for the Elderly

  • Portable technology and mobile-based connection means that the elderly wearer can be as mobile and independent as they like, with the ability to use the alarm anywhere.
  • Securely fastened to the wrist, the wristband alarm is unlikely to be lost, misplaced or cause injury
  • Increases the chances of a full recovery after a fall
  • Allows immediate assistance to be given anywhere, anytime