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SureSafe Personal Alarms

Personal Alarms

Personal Alarms help to keep your seniors and vulnerable loved ones safe both inside and outside of the home. At SureSafe we offer a wide range of personal alarms, ensuring you can find the perfect solution to meet the needs of you and your loved ones.

SureSafe is the leading provider of personal alarms within the UK. We provide telecare alarm equipment that enables people to live independently within their own homes for longer. Our personal alarms give users the confidence to maintain independent living, safe in the knowledge that our industry-leading devices can guarantee improved safety and peace of mind. These can be used as emergency alarms or generally for precautionary measures. Our personal alarms mean that help is available at the touch of a button; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Offering the broadest range of personal alarms in the UK, SureSafe has alarms to suit nearly every need and circumstance. Our range includes options for automatic fall detection, talking pendants and fully mobile alarms for use away from the home. It is our extensive offering that sets us apart from our competition, making us industry leaders in the personal alarm market.

In addition to our comprehensive product collection, we also have a team of Independent Living Specialists to help you choose the right personal alarm for your needs. Our specialists ensure that the features of your chosen personal alarm are suitable for the requirements of your circumstances. Contact our customer services team today to see why SureSafe is one of the most trusted names for personal alarms in the UK.

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Our Best Products

SureSafe GO

The ‘Anywhere’ Alarm

The SureSafeGO 2 Anywhere Alarm is the leading personal alarm device available in the UK. It incorporates all of the features of the very best personal alarms, in one handy device:

‘Anywhere Alarm’ – utilises mobile technology for continued use both at home and ‘out and about’

Contact loved ones in emergency – friends, family, neighbours

‘Find Me’ function – uses GPS technology to send a Google Maps link for easy location in an emergency situation

Talking functionality – allows the user to both talk and listen to the responder via the alarm itself

Fall Detection Sensor – automatically detects when a fall has occurred and immediately dials for help

Ready To Use – includes a SureSafe Mobile SIM card; ready to use straight out of the box

TalkSafe 24/7 Connect Alarm Service

The ‘Talking’ Alarm

Introducing the only landline-based, 24/7 monitored alarm service, with talking functionality. This gives users the ability to talk through the pendant to the responder in order to gain rapid assistance wherever they are in the home or garden. The TalkSafe 24/7 Connect personal alarm allows for:

Rapid assistance – an ambulance can be sent for in seconds rather than hours

Greater chance of full recovery – rapid response directly correlates to the likelihood of making a full recovery

24/7 monitoring – the SureSafe monitoring centre is open 24 hours, 7 days a week so users are not reliant on nominated contacts alone

Peace of mind – talking functionality allows for reassurances to be made, letting users know that help is on the way