Alarms for the elderly – a sure and safe way to take care of your grandparents

Most of us get caught up in own lives that we often, inadvertently, forget our elderly loved ones; our grandparents.

Old age is the phase of the life when one yearns for company, and more importantly, it can requires more care and monitoring. While we realise that it’s not humanly possible for anyone to give up their studies or job responsibilities to take care of their elderly relatives 24/7, there are other ways to play a part in your grandparents’ lives. For instance, investing in an alarm for the elderly –a cost-effective and reliable way to remain updated about your grandparent’s well-being remotely.

Are they really cost-effective?

The average of the cost of an alarm service is £16/month, while the average cost of an alarm device is between £90 and £200. Keeping in mind, the average cost of keeping a personal carer which is £25/hour. Visiting your grandparents every day would cost even more, not to mention it would disrupt your daily routine drastically.

So, if you wish to take care of your grandparents without disrupting your work responsibilities, investing in an alarm system is the most cost-effective, smart choice for you. There are a lot of different medical alert systems you could purchase for your grandparents to protect them when they are on their own! These systems are provided by services, such as SureSafe, keep track of your grandparents’ well-being using GPS trackers, and 24/7 alarm monitoring.

Get rid of the guilt you feel every time your grandparents send you a generous gift by returning back the favour. Show your love and concern for your elders by making a small investment which would not just safeguard the health and safety of your grandparents but also allow you to play a greater role in their lives, albeit remotely.

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