Careline Emergency Response

A lot of people would rather live in the comfort of their own house than in a nursing home when they get older.
However, living alone can be scary considering an emergency can happen at any time. Luckily, emergency response systems these days ensure the elderly feel safe living alone. The elderly are required to press a button in case of emergencies such as falling down, feeling dizzy and nauseous, to get in touch with the response system.

Careline is a system that provides help to people at any time of the day. This emergency alarm system comprises of a red button that can be worn as a pendant around the neck or as a bracelet around the wrist and a base alarm unit that is connected to the phone line and a power source.

How does it work?

Once the system is installed by plugging the base unit of the Careline Emergency Response System into the electric socket and a phone line, it becomes ready to use.

It works as follows:

1.       When the red button on the Careline pendant or wristband is pressed, the alarm unit instantly gets you in touch with the response center

2.       Your call is answered by a trained operator who addresses your emergency and either calls the emergency services or your selected key holder according to what is required

You can use Careline Emergency Response for any emergency situation that may include

·         Not feeling well and wanting to visit the doctor

·         Falling and not being able to get up

No matter what the reason is, press the reason and Careline will ensure that the appropriate help is on your way. It is a viable solution for elderly living alone who want to feel and be safe.

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