Elderly Emergency Button

Elderly Emergency Button/Emergency Alarm for Elderly

With life expectancy still on the rise within the UK, we need to ensure that our elderly loved ones and community members are well taken care of. As we get older, bones can become brittle, balance can fail and a whole host of afflictions can rear their head that make it harder to move around and easier for us to sustain injuries.

SureSafe is here to limit the risk to elderly people by ensuring that everyone understands the importance and benefit of an emergency alarm for elderly people. Whether it be an elderly emergency button, a talking pendant alarm or a fall sensor, this lifesaving technology can ensure the safety and security or elderly people throughout the country.

What is an Emergency Alarm for Elderly People?

An emergency alarm for elderly people is simply an alarm that an elderly person can use to alert others when there’s a problem. The elderly emergency button, or panic button, is a popular device that allows elderly men and women to press a button if they become immobilised so that help is directly to them. Alerts can be set up to go to family and friends, staff, dedicated response centres and even medical personnel.

Why Choose an Emergency Alarm for the Elderly?

An emergency alarm is the best way to ensure the personal safety of any elderly person when they are alone. Giving the elderly more freedom to go out and about, more confidence that they will be found and assisted if something were to happen and allowing them to be more independent will benefit the elderly and the people who care about them.

Choosing to provide an emergency alarm for elderly people gives them a way to notify someone of an emergency, which could be an injury, fall or other incident. This works towards providing the caring, nurturing and safe environment that they deserve during their golden years. 

Types of Emergency Alarms Available

Emergency alarms and buttons for the elderly come in many different forms and with many different features. At SureSafe, we want to be sure that the elderly people who use our devices are as safe as possible, so we have a range of options so you can find the one that best suits your needs.

From simple panic buttons to fall alarms and with options that don’t require a landline to operate, as well as possible 24/7 monitoring and assistance, alarms that work anywhere (not just in the home) and innovative technologies including talking pendants, there’s an elderly emergency button out there that’s the perfect fit for each individual’s situation.


Elderly Emergency Alarm Features

An emergency alarm for elderly people comes with a range of possible features depending on the specific model chosen. Some features include:

  • 2/7 monitoring
  • The ability to monitor while out and about
  • Mobile technology sensor link so a landline is not required
  • Peace of mind
  • Rapid response