Emergency Pendant

Do you worry about an older friend or elderly family member who lives alone? Do you have concerns about what might happen if they suffer from a fall, sudden illness or an emergency situation and have nobody nearby to offer them the essential assistance they require? Recent research has shown that older people have a very high risk of falls, trips and accidents both inside and outside the home. In fact, 50% of people aged 65 and over experience at least one fall per year.

For those who are aged 80 or over, the statistics are even more worrying, with three-quarters of people in this age group suffering from at least one fall within a 12-month period. With this in mind, finding ways to give both elderly people who want to live an independent life and their loved ones greater peace of mind is imperative. What better way to achieve this than with an emergency pendant?

What Is An Emergency Pendant?

An emergency pendant is designed to be a simple yet effective solution for summoning help in the event of a problem. Should the user experience a trip, a fall, an illness or other urgent incident, they can instantly contact a pre-designated friend or relative, or alternatively, alert a monitoring center which is open 24/7 and which can respond rapidly to the call.

Emergency pendants come in a range of forms and types, however all offer similar functionality. Essentially, there is a base unit and a separate pendant unit which features an easy-to-depress panic button and which is worn around the neck. This discreet solution allows the wearer to get help whenever necessary.

How Does An Emergency Pendant Work?

Emergency pendants use either a telephone landline or mobile technology to communicate between the button and the base unit. The base unit then automatically dials the rapid response center or the chosen friend or family member so that help can be on the way within just minutes.

While pendants which use a telephone landline to communicate with the base unit can only be used within a certain range, a model which utilizes mobile technology can be used anywhere and at any time. This makes them a perfect option for older people who enjoy an active lifestyle or who have no home landline.


Choosing A SureSafe Emergency Pendant

If you or an elderly loved one could benefit from greater peace of mind, a SureSafe emergency pendant is the optimal solution. Designed to be fast and simple to install and use, it enables the wearer to carry on with their independent lifestyle without any concerns. Greater confidence brings with it greater independence, and it has been shown that older people who feel more secure go out and enjoy life more frequently than those who are worried about how they would get help in the event of a fall or accident.

Here at SureSafe we have a range of emergency pendant solutions to suit the needs of all kinds of older people, so contact our friendly team today.