Per the Accuweather reports, many parts of the United Kingdom are likely to be affected by heavy rainfall because of the storm in parts of Europe and travel hazards is likely to affect Winter plans for many e.g. to enjoy the festivities with their loved ones.

With each passing day, the mercury is dropping lower — the chilly air, followed by snowfall, rain, misty fog all results in an increase of a number of accidents, outdoor. Hyperactive toddlers and aging citizens are most vulnerable to fall, injury induced by slipping and accidents. These mishaps, aside from taking a significantly longer time to heal can also lead to severe internal damage for senior citizens which is why it is important that your loved ones are safe and secure even outside the comfort of their home.

Me thinking: How can I ensure my aging loved one’s safety while I am out for work?

…Well, keeping them locked up inside the walls of the home is not the solution!

But you don’t have to worry about their safety any longer, because we bring you helpful safety tips to ensure that your loved ones are safe and secure whether they are inside or outside of their home:


The first step into providing outdoor safety to your senior citizens is to stay alert and keep every hazard out of their way (which is not always possible). Ask them only to use handrails wherever possible. It is equally important to always look out for potential danger spots in winters such as ice patches and slippery surfaces. The best way to avoid fall is to invest in non-skid durable footwear that can provide better traction. If your parents or grandparents make use of a cane, get a rubber tip to reinforce traction in damp roads and sidewalks.


Senior citizens and kids are susceptible to health complications, which is why it is vital that they are dressed in layers to keep them warm and reduce the heat loss. Remove any item of clothing immediately if it gets wet; otherwise, you are at risk of catching cold or fever.


Technology has undoubtedly made the lives of senior citizens more accessible and independent. Telecare devices providers such as SureSafe have come up with medical alert devices in the form of pendant alarms, personal alarm and GPS enabled mobile wearable devices. The best method to ensure that your elderly loved ones get immediate medical attention if they fall or have an accident is by having them wear a fall detection device, which can be worn as a pendant or a wristwatch. This device will detect if the wearer has a fall by keeping track of the airspeed and air pressure and alerting the designated contact or SureSafe representative when the fall detector is triggered.

SureSafe aims to make sure the autumn of your loved one and family member’s life is the safest it can be. With their diverse range of pendant alarms, telecare, careline and personal alarms devices for the elderly in the United Kingdom at a reasonable price. All our devices are built with the latest technology to assure maximum accuracy and protection as and when needed.

You can trust SureSafe medical alert devices to keep your elderly loved ones safe and secure. That they can lead an independent life with the peace of mind that medical help is just a button press away.

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