Tips to help elderly living at home on their own

In such unprecedented times, it is important to give your elderly support, that's why we have presented you with some tips to help the elderly living at home.

Elderly support is normally given through the use of carers, or even moving into assisted living accommodation whether that’s a care home or an assisted flat. Nowadays, giving help to the elderly living at home can be much easier with the use of advanced technology and support aids.

There are many different gadgets for the elderly which you can use to keep your loved ones safe, let us explore our favourite tools for helping the elderly living at home below. 

Stay Connected

The SureSafe FallSafe is one of the best elderly gadgets for automatic fall detection on the market. This is an emergency contact watch and fall detector all in one. The FallSafe concentrates on helping the elderly living at home by improving a lack of confidence and vulnerability, encouraging them to proceed with their day to day lives with pure independence. It has automatic fall detection technology so if the wearer falls, it will raise an alert without them having to push a button, giving not only the wearer peace of mind but also family and friends. 

Special Offer Personal AlarmsThe FallSafe emergency contact watch is on special offer at the moment, with a set-up fee of £45.00 and an annual payment of £162.00 for 24/7 monitoring working out as £13.50 per month. A priceless product, and an absolute necessity. Buy the FallSafe here or find out more information. 


Keep Them Protected

Mobility Aids and Daily Living Aids are a way to keep the elderly protected and independent as possible. Although we could give you endless tips to help the elderly at home, giving them the tools for independence is one of the most important tips. Independent Living Aids has a vast range of Daily Living Aids depending on the individual need whether its visibility, hearing, mobility or healthcare, they have it all covered. 

Helping the elderly living at home doesn’t necessarily mean being there around the clock. The FallSafe and other daily living aids are a great way to make sure they maintain as much independence as possible. if you are wanting a personal alarm which is usable away from the home as well and includes a GPS tracker, why don’t you look at the SureSafeGO as an option? This way you know exactly where the alarm user is, should they have a fall or press the SOS button. The alarm sends out Google Maps for the exact location. This way the alarm user is safe, wherever they are. Here at SureSafe, we have a variety of products available whether it is a Family & Friend Alarm, a Fall Detector or a GPS 24/7 Monitored Alarm. To pick the best one to suit your elderly needs, click here.