Home Fall Detection for the Elderly

A major threat that the elderly who live alone face is falling down. Falling down can be scary for anyone, however, as people age, it can be more dangerous.

How does it work?

The name says it all. When a person falls, the fall detection devices sense it and call for help.

The fall detection pendant has inbuilt sensors that detect the fall and contacts a trained operator as soon as the fall is detected. This means that the pendant not only lets you call the responder during an emergency but it also automatically gets you in touch with a trained personnel when you fall (not all falls are detected e.g. soft falls).

The biggest benefit of this technology is that in case you pass out, the emergency services will still be notified by the responder on the line. This is not only reassuring for seniors living alone but also their relatives.

This technology has come a long way since the 1980’s. One of the problems with older fall detection devices used to be that of false alarms. Casual movement such as bumping into things would trigger a false alarm. Nowadays, the pendants can detect a difference between regular movements and a fall. The accuracy of these devices has improved significantly and they allow seniors to live their golden years to their fullest potential and ensure they can live alone with a peace of mind.