Independent Living for Seniors

Independence is a way of living that everyone strives for from the time that they understand what the word means but as you get older this can be endangered by a combination of poor health and living alone.

Independent living for seniors is something everyone strives for. We look into how we can create complete independence and give peace of mind to our elderly. In previous experience, loved ones fear that something will happen and they won’t be able to get the emergency help that they need. With personal alarms, we can offer an ideal solution that can give everyone peace of mind.

Threats for independent living for seniors

The biggest threat to seniors living independently is the difficulty in getting emergency assistance in case of a fall somewhere in the home or the yard. While many individuals now own a mobile phone even this can be complicated to use for someone who is disoriented and in pain, and that is even if the person is carrying their mobile. Instead, a ‘push button’ system that is worn by the individual is the perfect answer because nothing is left to chance and you have immediate communication to a monitoring centre or a loved one.

These panic alarms for the elderly are designed to be worn comfortably around the neck as a pendant or on the wrist similar to a watch. All they have to do is push the large ‘red’ button and the system connects to an individual based on the type of program that you selected initially. If you connect to a dispatch centre then a monthly fee is required or you can have the system programmed with phone numbers of neighbours and friends that it will automatically dial in an emergency. This second option does not require a monthly payment making it more affordable and you are notified sooner when something is wrong.

The goal of this system is to allow the elderly person to maintain their current independent living arrangements and medical experts will tell you that the quality of living is a major factor for those in declining health. A factor to consider when deciding the vendor to purchase the equipment from is to choose one that has a broad range of products and can actually advise you on the most appropriate type of product for your needs and budget. The best personal alarm companies will offer a range of both monitored and ‘family & friends’ alarms, both landline and mobile phone-based, and both in-home and fully mobile devices.

You want your loved one to be safe and they want to continue with their current lifestyle so ensure that both parties are satisfied by purchasing a panic alarm for elderly that will provide independent living for seniors.