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SureSafe 24/7 Monitored Alarms

Lifeline Alarms

A lifeline alarm is a pendant or bracelet that is worn in the home and garden, which allows the wearer to get immediate assistance at the push of a button should they need it.

Lifeline alarms give the wearer increased safety at home, as well as giving both the user and their loved ones more peace of mind. When an accident or emergency occurs, more often than not, you are unable to get to your mobile phone. This is where our lifeline alarms can save lives, with one of our lifeline alarms around your neck or wrist, assistance just a push of the button away Often when an accident or emergency happens you may not be able to get to your phone, but help is at hand if you are wearing your ‘lifeline button’ on your neck or wrist.

Lifeline alarms are available from SureSafe, one of the UK’s leading providers of personal alarm systems for the elderly. The SureSafe lifeline alarms, either the pendant version or our wristband lifeline alarm, links to their 24/7 emergency response centre, where a SureSafe response operative will answer your call in a matter of seconds, and arrange for the appropriate help. This can include calling for an ambulance, the police or contacting your family, friends and loved ones. This reinforces the fact that our personal lifeline alarms encourage independent living for the user, with peace of mind and personal safety only a push of a button away.

Alarm Pendants

What Features Do Our Lifeline Alarms Have?

  • Fully waterproof emergency button
  • Our lifeline alarms can be worn as a pendant or wristband option
  • Up to 100m range
  • Small and discreet
  • False alarm resistant design

What Are The Benefits Of Our Lifeline Alarms:

  • Helps you live independently, safer and for longer
  • Gives your loved ones peace of mind
  • Affordable alternative to carers or nursing home

We have such confidence in our lifeline alarms that we have compared the six leading lifeline alarms.
These comparisons highlight why you should purchase your lifeline alarm with SureSafe.

Please call one of our lifeline specialists on 0800 112 3201 if you have any specific questions.

Why Choose SureSafe?

Mrs. M from Reading chose SureSafe in October 2016. Here is what she had to say:

I recently purchased SureSafe Alarm, five weeks after it was installed, at 4 o’clock AM, I lost my balance as I got out of bed. Thank goodness I had alarm button around my neck, on pressing it I had Response reply immediately. They contacted my Daughter, also the Paramedics. Thank You SafeSure, without your help, I could have laid on the floor for hours.”

SureSafe is unique in the lifeline alarms market. In addition to offering traditional lifeline pendants, they also have a wide range of products to suit a wide variety of needs and budgets:

  • Mobile, or ‘Go Anywhere’ alarms
  • Fall detection alarms
  • Talking pendant alarms
  • Friends & family alarms
  • No landline alarms