OAP Alarm

OAP Alarm

An OAP alarm gives elderly people added protection against the dangers of being left without medical attention for too long after a fall or other event. Personal alarms, panic buttons and talking pendants all act to ensure that our elderly loved ones are well taken care of without having to be watched around the clock.

It’s proven that the extra security from an OAP alarm gives them more confidence and can make them happier, healthier and have a more fulfilling time during their golden years, with some alarm systems offering much more independence.

Types of OAP Alarm

There are several different types of OAP alarm to suit a range of different situations and personal needs. Each one aims to protect from sustained and long-lasting injury due to slow responses after a fall, or from being left unattended after a medical event for too long.

Fall Alarms

A fall alarm is one of the most innovative and lifesaving personal OAP alarms we have here at SureSafe. The fall alarm automatically detects when the wearer has fallen and sends a signal so that assistance can be immediately given.

This alarm is great for those who experience falls or medical events, such as hearts attacks or stroke, that would mean they can’t press a button. The sensors do all the work for them.

Talking Pendants

The talking pendant OAP alarm allows the wearer to talk to our response centre 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere in their home or garden. This fabulous technology means that we can communicate directly using two-way communication to properly asses a situation and act appropriately

Anywhere Alarms

An anywhere alarm doesn’t use a traditional landline connection, so it doesn’t need to be connected to a base unit that only allows it to be used within the home. The wearer can go about their lives, visit friends, go to social events or walk the dog all with the complete peace of mind that if something were to happen, the alarm would still work to send a signal and get them the help they need.


Why Do I Need an OAP Alarm?

There are many reasons for giving your elderly loved ones an OAP alarm. Giving them the freedom to explore freely with the security of an anywhere personal alarm can increase their confidence by letting be more independent, while the fall alarm mean they don’t have to worry about being discovered in the event of a heart attack, stroke, seizure or other event that means they can’t contact anyone or press a panic alarm button.

OAP Alarm Benefits

Having an OAP alarm eliminates the need for constant, round-the-clock supervision, which allows elderly people the freedom the deserve. They also protect them against reduced recovery chances that are caused by being left alone and on the floor for long periods of time before medical assistance can be given.