OAP Alarm

OAP Alarms

OAP alarms are designed to give elderly people added protection against the dangers of being left without medical attention after a fall, injury or medical event. Personal alarms, panic buttons and talking pendants all act to ensure that our elderly loved ones are well taken care of, without having to be watched around the clock. This allows them to maintain an independent lifestyle, long into old age, by removing the ‘what if’ surrounding what would happen in the event of a fall or emergency. It has been proven that this added layer of security gives elderly people more confidence which in turn can improve happiness and wellbeing. 

Types of OAP Alarm

There are several different types of OAP alarm on the market in order to suit a range of different situations and personal needs. Each variation has a common aim however; to protect wearers from sustained and long-lasting injury due to slow response after a fall, or further complications from lack of assistance after a medical event. Below we look at the different types of OAP alarm available:

Fall Alarms

A fall alarm is one of the most innovative and lifesaving OAP alarm systems we offer here at SureSafe. The fall alarm has the functionality to automatically detect if a fall has occurred and immediately alert our designated monitoring centre. Using state of the art technology, fall alarms measure factors such as air pressure and air speed in order to assess when a fall has taken place. On detection, the OAP alarm will then automatically send a signal to the base unit, thus alerting the necessary people in order for help to be received. 

When a person falls or experiences a medical event such as a heart attack, stroke or seizure, they may be rendered unconscious or unable to move. A fall alarm is the ideal choice in this scenario as it allows for help to be received without the need to press a button. The sensors do all the work for them. 

Talking Pendant Alarms

Our talking pendant OAP alarm is a personal alarm device, usually worn around the neck. The main benefit of the talking pendant alarm is that it allows for two-way communication between the wearer and our 24/7 response centre. The wearer is able to talk to our response centre 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere in their home or garden. This means that if an emergency situation presents itself, we can communicate directly to the wearer in order to assess the situation, provide assurance and send appropriate assistance.

Go Anywhere Alarms

A Go Anywhere alarm differs from the landline based talking pendant, in the way it sends out distress alerts.  Our range of Go Anywhere OAP alarms do not use a traditional landline connection in order to do this, instead they use mobile technology. This means that the user does not need to be in range of a landline base unit for the alarm to work. The personal alarm device itself acts as the base unit.

This allows the wearer to call for assistance no matter where they are, meaning they can maintain an active and independent lifestyle. They are able to visit friends, go to social events or walk the dog with the complete peace of mind that if something were to happen, they would be looked after. Our Go Anywhere alarms also include GPS tracking so that the wearer can be easily located if medical assistance is required.


Why Do I Need an OAP Alarm?

There are many reasons for giving your elderly loved ones an OAP alarm. Utilising a personal alarm system can help to give your loved ones the freedom to move around freely, both inside and outside of the home, with the added security of 24/7 monitoring. A Go Anywhere personal alarm can increase their confidence, letting them lead a more independent lifestyle. The fall alarm system means that users don’t have to worry about pressing an emergency button in order to receive help after a fall. The alarm will request this automatically thus helping to reduce time spent on the floor, recovery times and increasing the chances of a full recovery.

Explore our full range of OAP alarms to help keep your loved ones safe. For further advice and support, contact a member of our knowledgeable team today!