Panic Alarm System for the Elderly

Panic Alarm to Provide Peace of Mind

Question: Why Buy a Panic Alarm?
Answer: For Peace of Mind

Did you know that the risk of a fall can actually be increased by having a fear of falling itself? Sounds strange, but it’s true. Let’s think about it for a moment: when people grow older they are aware that they are becoming less mobile. Recognising this they grow fearful that they are at an increased risk of a fall and many decide that the correct response is to reduce their activity levels – if I don’t move as much, I’m less likely to fall they think. Unfortunately, when elderly Britons reduce movement, their mobility and balance decline. The actual result is an increase in the risk of falling.

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Why Use a Panic Alarm?

  • For the user looking to maintain independent living, they can do so with peace of mind.
  • For the relatives or friends, whilst at work or living far away, they can also have peace of mind that your loved one is safe.
  • Help is just the push of a button away.
  • Gives more confidence to stay living in your own home for longer.


The Solution from SureSafe:

The SureSafe Personal Emergency Response System provides peace of mind with a panic alarm system supporting independent living for aging Britains. A panic alarm that allows a vulnerable senior to call for help, at the push of a button, should they fall or become unwell.

Features of the SureSafe Panic Alarm:

  • Simple and practical design, press wireless pendant in panic alarms to call for help.
  • Two-way communication, talk or listen when the telephone is connected.
  • Automatically dials 3 stored numbers, for example family and friends.
  • Water resistant pendant in panic alarm systems.
  • Simply plug into your telephone and away goes the panic button.
  • Non-monitored – it has no ongoing monthly fees… EVER!

Why Buy from SureSafe?

We are a community minded organisation. Our Corporate Mission is to make Independent Living affordable for all through:

  • being 100% online to reduce overheads.
  • no ongoing monthly fees.
  • having a simple to install product; no installation costs.
  • not being available through intermediaries, we supply direct to the end user.
  • sourcing the right personal panic alarms for elderly at a price people can afford, but not sacrificing on quality.

All this means that we can provide the best quality panic buttons at the best possible price.

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Advantages of Owning a SureSafe Panic Alarm

  • It lets you live independently and your family and friends do not have to worry about you.
  • Our pendant device is water resistant so you can wear it in the shower.
  • When you wear the panic button device it is in reach, essential for contacting assistance in case of medical or security emergency.
  • Personal panic button systems ensure rapid responses in times of need and connect you with trained emergency personnel.
  • As the personal panic button for elderly contacts friends and family first; personal information, such as allergies, medical conditions and unique needs can be communicated to emergency professionals.