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KeySafe from SureSafe

A safe way to store keys outside of your home that can give quick and easy access to friends, family and the emergency services in the event of an emergency. Get the help you need, fast… and prevent the need to force entry.


SureSafe is proud to offer the UK’s only Police and home insurance approved key safe.

A key safe is a small and secure lock-box, that is only accessible with a code, and that is attached to the outside of your property and holds your keys.

The combination to the key safe is given to friends and family, or SureSafe’s monitoring centre where you choose SureSafe’s 24/7 Connect service. Should an emergency occur then your friends & family, your doctor, or the emergency services, can easily gain access to your property without needing to damage doors or windows to gain entry.

This means that a) you, or your loved one, can get the help needed as quickly as possible, and b) you don’t need to worry about the costs to replace damaged doors or windows following a forced entry.

Don’t like the idea of having your keys outside your house? Don’t worry. The Key Safe from SureSafe is designed and engineered to be as safe and secure as your front door. In fact the Key Safe is so secure that it passes the same UK security rating as a UK front door.

The Key Safe from SureSafe is easy to install but we also offer an installation and demonstration service across the UK. This, paired with a police approved personal alarm, is the best kind of combination. 


  • The ONLY Police approved key safe in the UK
  • Holds up to 6 keys (typically 5-6 Yale type or 2-5 Chubb type)
  • Accessed using a unique pin code, chosen by you
  • Change your pin code whenever you want
  • Engineered to be attack resistant if anyone attempts to force it open
  • Rust & water resistant: suitable for the UK weather
  • Comes complete with all fixings required to fit it

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