SureSafe Alarm + Wristwatch Alarm Button Combo


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Get a SureSafe Personal Alarm, with two neck pendants and one wristband alarm buttons, that dials up to three telephone numbers of friends and family in an emergency. Very simple to set-up and use, with no ongoing fees… EVER!

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Special Offer Deal! VAT Relief Available Too.

Buy a new Wristwatch Alarm Button with a new SureSafe Personal Alarm for a special discounted price of £94.95.

Get a SureSafe Personal Alarm, complete with 2 water resistant pendants, and a splash proof wristwatch alarm pendant for a reduced price.

Please note that a maximum of 2 alarm buttons can be connected at any one time e.g. 2 pendants, or 1 pendant and 1 wristwatch.

Contents includes:

  • Alarm base unit
  • 2 x water resistant neck-pendants
  • 1 x splash proof wristband alarm button
  • 1 x power plug
  • 1 x telephone cable
  • 1 x telephone splitter
  • 1 x user manual
  • …. Plus peace of mind