SureSafe recognises that each person’s personal alarm and telecare needs are different. While some people need the traditional in-home alarm systems, that can either alert a monitoring centre or friends & family in an emergency, others require more bespoke solutions.

For example, some people want protection and peace of mind away from the home as well as in it; people with dementia or other degenerative conditions may require more specific products features than are generally available e.g. wandering alarms; while those who are victims of abuse can also benefit from the protection of personal alarm devices at home.

SureSafe is the UK’s leading independent personal alarm provider with a team of Independent Living Consultants who can help you to decide what is the best product to suit your individual needs, as well as your budget. Call us now on 0800 112 3201 for a confidential, free and independent assessment of what type of alarm is right for you. Alternatively, read through our range of tailored Solutions below to see which product will best suit your needs:

Personal Alarms UK

Personal Alarms for the Elderly

Personal alarms for the elderly in the UK help elderly Britons to stay living in their own homes, both safer and for longer. Personal alarms for the elderly are telephone based alarm systems that allow the wearer to immediately call…
Emergency Alarm for Elderly

Fall Alarm

SureSafe’s fall alarm pendant is the next generation in personal alarms for the elderly. Falls alarm for the elderly activate automatically when a fall is detected, there is no need to press the button. This can be vital when the…
Elderly Emergency Alarm

Epilepsy & Seizure Alarms

When you live alone (or spend periods of time at home alone), and you have epilepsy, then there is always the fear that a seizure can strike and there is no one there to help. That fear is also a…