SureSafe recognises that each person’s personal alarm and telecare needs are different. While some people need the traditional in-home alarm systems, that can either alert a monitoring centre or friends & family in an emergency, others require more bespoke solutions.

For example, some people want protection and peace of mind away from the home as well as in it; people with dementia or other degenerative conditions may require more specific products features than are generally available e.g. wandering alarms; while those who are victims of abuse can also benefit from the protection of personal alarm devices at home.

SureSafe is the UK’s leading independent personal alarm provider with a team of Independent Living Consultants who can help you to decide what is the best product to suit your individual needs, as well as your budget. Call us now on 0800 112 3201 for a confidential, free and independent assessment of what type of alarm is right for you. Alternatively, read through our range of tailored Solutions below to see which product will best suit your needs:

Old People Alarm

Choosing an old people alarm for your elderly relatives or friends is one of the best gifts you could give them. With many elderly people experiencing emergency situations, such as falls, injury or illness, putting contingencies in place is key.

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Wrist Alarms for the Elderly

One of the most important factors in the recovery of elderly people after a fall is immediate attention and medical assistance which can be assisted through wrist alarms.

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Elderly Emergency Button

As life expectancy rises within the UK, we have an ever-growing population of elderly people. When we age, we tend to encounter more health complications. 

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Epilepsy Alarm

For those suffering with epilepsy, either living alone or spending large portions of time at home by themselves, epilepsy seizures can be a real concern. 

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Wrist Worn Fall Detector

Many older people are keen to maintain their independence for as long as possible rather than have to move to a residential home or even move in with family.

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Emergency Alarm

Decreased mobility, increased frailty, and a spike in health issues as we get older can result in increased risks when it comes to safety.

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Fall Alarm For Elderly

As people get older, their health is often one of the first things to suffer. An increase in health problems is seen in many people as they age, and this includes increased frailty and mobility issues.

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Personal Safety Alarm

As we get older, our health can start to deteriorate, and many find themselves at increased risk of falls and accidents.

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How Personal Alarms For The Elderly Can Help

At SureSafe we provide a large range of personal alarms for the elderly, designed to help keep your loved ones safe and independent. Our elderly alarms allow peace of mind knowing that assistance is a push of a button away, especially for those that are living alone.

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Emergency Pendant

We explore the importance of having an emergency pendant and how it can create peace of mind for both the user and family/friends.

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Emergency Button For Elderly

For many people worrying about loved ones is a common feeling, especially those elderly loved ones living alone. What if they fall and injure themselves? What if they’re too ill to call anybody for help? What would happen? An emergency button for elderly people can help to alleviate those worries.

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Personal Panic Alarm

Older people and those who suffer from disabilities are at a greater risk of falls, accidents and emergencies, both at home and whilst out and about. A personal panic alarm is the best solution to ensure peace of mind and greater independence for both the user and their friends and family. 

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Elderly Alarm

Independence is a key factor in maintaining the happiness of our older generation. Moving into residential care can be distressing, having to leave behind the familiarity of their own home.

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Personal Alarm Elderly

More older people than ever before are keen to remain in their own homes for as long as possible however, maintaining an independent lifestyle can become more challenging as we age.

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Panic Button For Elderly

Are you worried about what could happen to your ageing loved ones in the event of an emergency? Do you have concerns about what would happen if an accident should occur and nobody is around to help? The answer could be a panic button for the elderly.

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Careline Alarms

Are you worried about a family member, friend or neighbour’s safety when they are home alone?

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Telecare is monitored alarm service that aims to help ageing Britons remain in their own homes, safer and for longer.

Panic Alarm System For The Elderly

Are you getting older but still want to stay in your own home, enjoying an active and independent lifestyle?

Which is the Best Personal Alarms for the Elderly?

Which is the best personal alarm for the elderly? With so many different types of alarm on the market, it can be a daunting task to choose the best personal alarm for you or your loved ones.

Lifeline Alarms

A lifeline alarm is a pendant or bracelet that is worn in the home and garden, which allows the wearer to get immediate assistance at the push of a button should they need it.

Alarm Pendants for the Elderly

Pendant alarms for the elderly are the ideal way to protect your loved ones at home. They offer an added layer of security, so that your elderly loved ones can call for help at the touch of a button should they fall, become ill or feel at risk in any way.

Fall Prevention in the Elderly

Currently, the elderly population accounts for around 9.8% of the overall world population.

Assistive Technology Telecare Equipment

Assistive technology is equipment made especially to help people who are unable to perform their daily routine without any help.