Fall Alarms

SureSafe’s fall alarm pendants are the next generation in personal alarms for the elderly.

Fall alarms activate automatically when a fall is detected, there is no need to press the button. This can be vital when the wearer either loses consciousness, or they are too weak to manually press the pendant e.g. following a stroke or heart attack. The device is worn instead of a traditional pendant, there is no need to wear both.

Using the latest technology, fall alerts mean that the wearer no longer needs to press the pendant button to get the help they need. Considering that falls that lead to the loss of consciousness are likely to be the most serious. Fall alarms can be the difference between help arriving fast, or not arriving until after the wearer regains consciousness, strength and awareness.

Fall alarm technology varies according to the device used. The most advanced fall alarm pendants use sensors to detect changes in air pressure and air speed, in addition to registering the impact of the fall itself. This is the best way to measure and identify a fall, and all of SureSafe’s fall detectors work in this way.

Other devices use ‘tilt switch’ technology that measure when the pendant is not in a vertical position for an extended period of time – something that would happen if the wearer was lying on the floor after a fall. This process is not very reliable, it produces fall detected alerts often when the wearer falls asleep in a chair. No SureSafe fall detectors use tilt switch as a fall detection measurement.

High quality fall alarm devices, like the SaureSafe range, will include a function that allows the wearer to cancel the alarm call if the pendant incorrectly detects a fall – otherwise known as a false alarm.


Features of our fall alarms:

  • Automatic fall detection
  • Activates alarm when sensors detects fall has occurred
  • Water-proof for use in the bath or shower
  • Manual activation by pressing button (like a traditional pendant)

SureSafe offers a range of automatic fall detection products. The Fall Alert  and FallSafe fall detectors are premium pendant or wrist worn fall detectors and are available as part of 24/7 Connect monitored alarm service. We also have Friends & Family alarms, which raise the alarm with loved ones during a fall.

Note: Given the varied nature of falls, while significantly increasing the level of protection offered by a personal alarm, fall detection pendants do not detect 100% of falls. We always recommend pressing the SOS button whenever the alarm user is able to.

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