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Panic Button For Elderly

When you need a solution to help you rest easy, a panic button for yourself, or elderly relatives, gives you the additional security you seek. Giving older people the confidence to stay in their own homes, panic buttons offer a safe and reliable way of calling for assistance from family, friends or the emergency services, whenever they feel at risk or vulnerable

What Is A Panic Button For The Elderly?

A panic button, sometimes known as a personal alarm or panic alarm (typically just a help button for elderly), is a device used to call for assistance should the user fall ill, injure themselves or find themselves in a dangerous situation. They usually come with their own pendant allowing them to be worn around the wrist or neck for easy access. Predominantly used by the elderly and disabled, panic alarm buttons are discreet, simple to use and comfortable to wear. They allow the wearer to call instantly for help should an emergency present itself.

How Do Panic Buttons Work?

Now you know what a panic button is, you may be wondering how they work. Should the wearer find themselves in an emergency situation, they can simply push the panic button in order to summon help. To do this the device will call the 24/7 monitoring centre. The way personal panic alarm devices work means that the monitoring centre will know instantly who the wearer is, where they live and any other medical details that have been shared with the provider. 

As soon as the emergency button is pressed, the wearer can rest assured that somebody will respond rapidly. When the alarm is received, the monitoring centre attempts to make contact with the user to determine the extent of the situation and whether further action should be taken. The user can provide nominated contacts, such as family members or friends during initial setup. These people will be contacted when necessary, either to provide aid to the user themselves, if they are able and if the emergency services are not required, or to alert them of more severe situations. If it is determined that the emergency services are required, our monitoring centre will contact them on behalf of the user, providing them with the details of the situation and the location of the user.

How Can A Panic Button For The Elderly Help?

A panic button is an extremely useful tool for people wanting to maintain their independence long into their old age. As panic buttons allow the user to summon assistance should they fall or become unwell, both the user and their family and friends are afforded greater peace of mind knowing their loved ones are being looked after. The alarm can also be used if the user feels distressed at all, for example, if they have an unexpected or unwanted caller at their door, or feel in danger in any way.

For elderly people living alone, this service can be a vital lifeline. Family members may not always be able to reach their ageing loved ones quickly when they call. With a 24-hour monitoring service, older people can remain independent, living in their own homes for longer whilst still feeling confident and secure, all with the help of a button.

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SureSafe Fall Alert Pendant

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What Are The Features Of A Panic Button?

Panic buttons boast a number of outstanding features making them extremely beneficial for older people who want to continue enjoying an independent lifestyle. These features include:

  • A simple and easy to use design
  • 24/7 support
  • Lightweight and discreet 
  • Portable functionality, allowing the wearer to move freely around their home or garden safe in the knowledge they can access assistance at any time
  • Easy installation and set up

If you or your elderly loved one could benefit from having a panic button or personal panic alarm, contact us today. Here at SureSafe, we are dedicated to improving the lives of older people. We are here to help you, or your relatives, live an independent lifestyle for longer. Speak to our experienced team today to find the best solution for you.