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Alarm Pendants for the Elderly

Pendant alarms for the elderly are the ideal way to protect your loved ones at home. They offer an added layer of security, so that your elderly loved ones can call for help at the touch of a button should they fall, become ill or feel at risk in any way. This extra protection can offer increased confidence and allow them to maintain independence long into their old age.

Here at SureSafe we offer the only pendant alarm for the elderly that allows two-way communication between the wearer and their responder. This ‘Talking pendant’ functionality can be used no matter where they are in the house, unlike with most pendant alarms. Most pendant alarms require the wearer to be near the base unit in order to talk to the responder. By utilising two-way communication technology, our alarm pendants allow for a better assessment of the emergency situation, as well as allowing the responder to offer assurances to your loved one. This can help to put their mind at ease, knowing that help is on the way. Not only great for their peace of mind, but also for your own!

Alarm Pendants

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Features of our Alarm Pendants for the Elderly

  • Talking pendant functionality allows two-way communication between the wearer and responder for quick situation assessment and assurances to be offered
  • Works wherever you are in the house, even if the wearer is not near the base unit
  • Offers immediate assistance to wearers, sending an instant alert to a responder when the emergency button is pressed, allowing help to be gained rapidly
  • Additional layer of security helps to improve the confidence of your loved ones, allowing them to maintain an independent lifestyle for longer

To help protect your loved ones at home, browse our range of talking pendant alarms for the elderly, here.