Bring Peace Of Mind & Safety For Your Elderly Loved Ones With Telecare Equipment

Telecare Equipment has become a very important requirement for families with elderly loved ones. According to this paper , around 17 million people aged over 50 lived in England in 2008. This number is increasing and stats show that more than 12 million people are over the age of 65 years, around 18% of England’s population in 2016. The use of telecare equipment has been encouraged by health and social care professionals, for a number of years, to take care of our elderly loved ones. But what makes the use of telecare equipment a better choice?

Technology has elevated the effectiveness of many sectors, especially the health sector. Many kinds of devices have been developed to ease the treatment and healing process. Telecare is a very important part of the health industry. Times have changed and the days are gone when “care of our elderly loved ones is best if manually handled” was a popular belief. Telecare Equipment is an excellent example of successful incorporation of technology with the health industry.

The Importance Of Telecare Equipment

Quoting Liam Byrne – Member of Parliament of UK, from this paper

“An estimated 90% of older people want to live in their own home. Approximately 500,000 older people, however, live in care homes. Research funded by the Department of Health suggests that as many as 35% of those people could be supported to live at home or in extra care housing schemes through the use of telecare.”

There are millions of emergency hospital admissions of elderly Britons. According to a study published by NHS, around 1.3 million people from the age group of 65-69 years were admitted to hospital in 2015-16. These numbers are huge and telecare equipment can be used to decrease them. Falls are one of the leading causes of death among elderly people and surveys have shown that most of these cases turn fatal due to lack of immediate clinical assistance. Fall Detection Alarms from SureSafe can be life-saving Telecare Equipment for such cases.

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How can Telecare Equipment help?

Telecare Equipment like Personal Alarms for the Elderly can be really helpful in taking care of our elderly loved ones. Be it their easy installation, easy-to-use features, their portability or such others – Telecare Equipment comes in all kinds of safety alarms and can be a valuable device in taking care of our elderly loved ones.

Here are a few features of Telecare Equipment that make them a must-have item at your home.

  • Portable

Telecare Equipment like SureSafeGO ‘Anywhere’ Alarms, empowers elderly Britons to live independently both at home and away from it. These alarms can be worn as a pendant by an elderly person which allows him/her to wander around safely knowing that help is at “click-of-a-button” away.

  • GPS Enabled Alarms

SureSafe provides highly functional alarms with incorporated GPS technology. These alarms can be used to locate an elderly loved one in the event of an emergency. Mobile GPS Tracker Alarms like these can be effectively used to provide peace of mind both for the wearer and his/her loved ones.

  • Incorporated High-Tech Sensors

Telecare Equipment like Fall Detection Alarms by SureSafe come with fall detecting sensors. These inbuilt sensors can detect falls and call for immediate medical assistance. As a result, wearers can have a significantly increased chance of a fast and full recovery by the use of these fall detection alarms by SureSafe.