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Telecare, what is it?

Telecare is monitored alarm service that aims to help ageing Britons remain in their own homes, safer and for longer.

Telecare equipment is traditionally an alarm button that is worn either as a pendant, or on the wrist, that the wearer pushes should they have a fall, or feel unwell.

When the button is pressed it sends a wireless signal to the alarms base unit, plugged into the telephone socket in the home. The alarm will then automatically call through to SureSafe’s 24/7 telecare response centre, where a trained response operative will answer the call.

When the call comes through to the telecare response operative, the alarm users information comes up on the screen. This information includes their name, address, any relevant medical information and who their family and friends nominated contacts would be.

The telecare 24 /7 response operative will try to talk to the alarm user through the alarm base unit’s powerful speaker and microphone. Depending on the circumstances, the response operative will then either call the emergency services (ambulance, police or fire brigade), and/or contact the alarm users nominated contacts.

Additional sensors are also available, the most popular of which is automatic fall detection. Here the alarm users wear a special telecare pendant or wristband that has built-in sensors that can detect a fall. When the fall detector senses the fall, it activates the alarms base unit and calls through to the SureSafe response centre without the wearer needing to push the button. This can be vital when the user has lost consciousness or is physically unable to press the button e.g. following a heart attack or a stroke.

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Please call one of our telehealth/ telecare equipment specialists on 0800 112 3201 if you have any specific questions.

SureSafe also offers a broad range of other types of personal alarms that can be used to help elderly Britons remain independent and stay safe. SureSafe’s range includes:

  • Mobile, or ‘Go Anywhere’ alarms
  • Fall detection alarms
  • Talking pendant alarms
  • Friends & family alarms
  • No landline alarms

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