An emergency never comes with a warning. The emergency situation arises, leaving people running shocked, surprised and needing safety. The impact is even more severe if those affected by the turn of events are senior citizens, who are comparatively more physically restricted, and may not be able to think as quickly on their feet.

What if while you are out of town for work, their home is hit by an emergency?

What if your parents or grandparents are severely injured?

Don’t you think you should have an emergency plan in place so that they remain safe and secure, no matter happens?

Yes, you should!

In today’s post, we will help you with some advice on how to make sure that your elderly family members and loved ones stay safe and secure:


Encourage your elderly family members to keep a tab on the latest news in their area such on television, radio or on social media if they know their way around the internet. If they cannot navigate through the web, subscribe yourself to the latest update service for where they live. Staying informed is the key to staying safe.


Just like you have a mock drill for fire safety in your office or your kid’s school, you should prepare one and practice a mock drill for an emergency in your elderly loved ones home as well. It does not exactly have to be as physical as those in school or office, but since they are mostly at home, alone, it would be helpful if you pack a safety kit with all the essentials such as water, non-perishable food, medications, emergency light, first aid kit, etc. Make sure they know what their immediate action would be in case of an emergency. Make sure to review the emergency plan on a periodic basis.

Thanks to technological advancement in the medical field, we can now make sure that no matter how far we are from our parents and grandparents, they shall be safe and secure with the medical alert devices. We can feel confident that they can  receive immediate medical help, if need be. Get your elderly relatives and family members SureSafe medical alert devices, which are wearable alarm devices that can be worn as a pendant or a necklace. These devices have features such as panic alarm button, automatic fall detection, GPS tracking and round the clock monitoring services to encourage them to live a safe, secure and independent life.

Whether you are looking for a panic alarm button or a mobile tracking device, a personal alarm or a no landline alarm, SureSafe has answers for all your family members and loved one’s safety concerns. You can trust SureSafe’s range of cost-effective medical alarm devices in keeping your loved ones safe and secure, with immediate help at their service, just with a push of a button.

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